In a world where handling one spouse can be a handful, enter Abubakar, the 92-year-old wonder with 97 wives and a divine calling. His audacious mission to marry as many women as possible has earned him fame, raised eyebrows, and sparked controversy in Nigeria.

Facing off against religious norms and legal ultimatums, Abubakar remains unyielding, claiming divine approval for his unconventional lifestyle. Remarkably, his family, living without any visible income, sustains itself on faith, three hefty bags of rice daily, and Abubakar’s resounding declaration: “It’s all from God.”

Rumors of his demise were greatly exaggerated, leaving him to jest at his detractors while urging them to cease their campaign against his polygamist journey, lest they incur divine retribution.

As Abubakar continues to advise against following his colossal example, one can’t help but wonder: Will he keep expanding his matrimonial empire, inching closer to the elusive triple-digit wives? With 97 and counting, this man’s journey through wedded bliss remains a baffling spectacle in Nigeria.


92-Year-Old ‘Superpolygamist’ Who Married 107 Women Says God Told Him to Do It