Brace yourselves for the chilling tale of the “death bot”! Created by brainiacs at Denmark’s Technical University, this AI, dubbed Life2vec, isn’t your average mind reader—it’s a clairvoyant of mortality.

Imagine an AI digging through Denmark’s data treasure trove—health, education, job specifics—to predict life’s course with eerie accuracy, boasting a 79% success rate in anticipating the inevitable: death. But hold onto your hats, it doesn’t stop there! This bot claims to predict personalities and even the timing of one’s cosmic exit!

Researchers pitted it against the great unknown, testing on a group aged 35 to 60, and it outperformed other AI models, including those used by insurers. Yet, caution reigns supreme. Dr. Lehmann warns against deploying it in the insurance realm, as it disrupts the essence of sharing life’s uncertainties.

Ethical concerns echo loud, urging strict regulation before this digital Nostradamus steps into the real world. The researchers wave a flag of warning, emphasizing the need to protect individual rights.

Hold tight! While this “death bot” might tempt fate, ethical dilemmas surrounding its powers persist, suggesting the saga is far from its curtain call.