In the heart of Moscow, a 21-year-old entrepreneur, Viktoria Ivachyova, has redefined coziness with her unconventional service—professional bed warming! Forget traditional bedtime routines; Viktoria charges a premium to ensure single men’s beds are toasty and infused with her positive energy.

At 4,900 Russian rubles per night (or a hefty 102,700 rubles monthly), Viktoria’s warmth-only service has caught the attention of Muscovites. Strict rules apply—no physical contact allowed, safety measures in place. Clients book via her website, and an hour before bedtime, Viktoria arrives, chats amicably, settles into bed, and departs after an hour of warmth.

Viktoria insists her presence doesn’t just warm beds but infuses them with positivity. Clients report waking up with renewed spirits, crediting her mysterious ability for this change. Inspired by a literary tale, Viktoria pioneered this unique service, filling a void in the market.

While similar services exist elsewhere, Viktoria’s personal touch and positive energy come at a premium. As she warms beds and hearts, Moscow welcomes this ‘sleeppreneur’ with open arms, ushering in a new era of cozy nights and curious clientele!



The Human Bed Warmer – Russian Woman Offers Bed Warming Services for Single Men