Fancy dining in a “nonexistent” kitchen? Helsinki’s “Take In” restaurant flips the dining experience by letting you order from 20 other eateries, all under one roof. Sponsored by American Express and Wolt, this pop-up spot cooks up a whole new take on dining out.

Confused? So are we! The concept might seem as odd as a square meatball, but hear this out: Imagine your gang’s hunger games, where everyone craves something different. One wants pizza, another craves Japanese, and someone’s on a gourmet burger quest. Enter Take In, the ultimate solution for squad food indecision!

“We want to be a living room in the city,” says a Wolt spokesperson, catering to your crazy dining demands. Here’s the drill: sip your drink, pick from 20 menus using the Wolt app, and wait for your ordered feast to be delivered to the “not a kitchen” dining spot.

It might sound like take-out inception, but it’s Helsinki’s take on dining dilemmas. Curious? Click to chew on this quirky twist in restaurant dining!


Pop-Up Restaurant in Finland Lacks Kitchen, Lets You Order from Other Restaurants