Remember those whimsical banana hammers? Well, they’ve gone bonkers in Taiwan! The Japanese manufacturer behind these fruity mallets, Iron Factory Ikeda, is now scrambling to meet the soaring demand for their wacky steel creations.

What started as a quirky twist on precision metal manufacturing has snowballed into a viral sensation. Initially introduced in 2019, these banana-shaped mallets and their smaller baby banana versions garnered attention, but it took a recent online uproar to turn them into a global craze.

As orders flood in, Iron Factory Ikeda’s social media posts showcasing stacks of these banana hammers set for Taiwan sparked curiosity. The purpose behind these fruity tools remains a mystery, labeled by the company as both nail-pounding novelties and practical paperweights. Taiwan, apparently, is embracing the ‘a-peel’ of these peculiar hammers, leaving the manufacturer peeling under the pressure to keep up with demand.

From hammering nails with fruit to serving as desk décor, the exact utility of these banana hammers may remain a riddle, but their popularity is certainly no joke! Click to peel back the layers of this quirky hammer sensation!



Japan’s Wacky Banana Hammers Are Taking Over Taiwan