Tacos: a street food staple, right? Not according to Chef Juan Licerio Alcala, who’s turned a simple taco into a 25-grand extravagance. Yes, you read that right—a taco worth more than a family car!

But wait, what makes this taco pricier than a luxury vacation? Picture this: a corn tortilla shimmering with 24-carat gold flakes, stuffed with Kobe beef, langoustines, Beluga caviar, and black truffle brie cheese. Oh, did we mention a salsa infused with Morita chiles and Kopi Luwak coffee? All for your taste buds’ pleasure.

Now, before you rush to splurge, know this: no takers yet! Despite many curious glances, no one’s dared to shell out thousands for a taco. If you’re intrigued, here’s the catch: to order, you must stay in the resort’s presidential suite and drop a $12,500 deposit. Oh, and it’s served amidst motorcycles in the desert or during a marriage proposal. Talk about a taco with a grand entrance!

Hungry for more? The cherry on top—pair it with a $150,000 tequila bottle! Because why not wash down gold flakes with liquid luxury?

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Would You Spend $25,000 on the World’s Most Expensive Taco?