In a comedic twist on fitness routines, meet Monica Huldt, an Arizona fitness buff and Instagram star ready to hire a bodyguard. Why? Because her workout sessions are more like social events, with men constantly hitting on her.

Sure, it sounds like a good problem to have, but dodging advances mid-sweat isn’t as fun as it seems. Monica, with over 300,000 followers, just wants a quiet gym session without unwanted attention. She’s even willing to drop $3,000 a month for a bodyguard to act as her gym-wingman.

But behind the laughs lies a serious concern—Monica’s encounters with stalkers and close calls, like a creepy alleyway incident in Sweden, remind us that too much attention isn’t always safe.

In this amusing yet eye-opening saga, join Monica as she navigates the hilarious and hazardous sides of being “too hot for the gym.


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