In a world where takeout is a daily ritual and foodie culture reigns supreme, a Californian couple, Akahy Ricardo and Camilla Costello, have embarked on a journey that could make any pantry blush with envy. For the past 9 years, they’ve been dining exclusively on “the universe’s energy” while claiming to bid farewell to meals.

These self-proclaimed “breatharians” insist that sustenance isn’t necessary when you’re in tune with cosmic vibes and possess an artful knack for inhaling enlightenment. According to them, a meal-free life isn’t just sustainable but also fiscally savvy—allowing them to spend less on groceries and more on globetrotting adventures.

While many aim for a balanced diet, Ricardo and Costello are in pursuit of a balanced cosmic energy intake. It’s a tale where hunger pangs are replaced by spiritual enlightenment, and the grocery list is simply a collection of good vibes.

So, pull up a non-existent chair, grab your energy drink, and join us on this cosmic rollercoaster. Because when it comes to these breatharians, it’s not just the lack of food that’s leaving us hungry for more.


Breatharian Couple Claim They Haven’t Had a Proper Meal in 9 Years, Survive on Cosmic Energy