Valentine’s Day, a time for love, but for the freshly dumped, it’s tough. Enter Bompas & Parr, a design studio offering a quirky breakup remedy: Anti-Valentine’s Day Insoles!

Send a pic of your ex, and they print it on insoles. Yes, really! Each step becomes a symbolic trampling session, inspired by ancient Egyptians who believed treading on enemies’ images asserted dominance.

Initially limited to 25 pairs, demand soared, extending the deadline to February 14th for delivery by month-end.

Director Harry Parr sees it as more than revenge—it’s a step towards healing. So, if you’ve ever fancied treading on your ex without the drama, these insoles might just be your quirky therapy. Hurry, before they step out of stock!



Anti-Valentine’s Day Insoles Let You Walk All Over Your Ex