What do you get when you mix a pocket-sized pup and a lab coat? Meet Miracle Milly, the Chihuahua sensation whose claim to fame isn’t just her Guinness record for being pint-sized but also having an army of 49 identical fur clones!

Imagine a furry army of clones named Molly, Mally, Melly, and a parade of similar-sounding names, all residing under one Floridian roof, thoroughly confusing the mailman and the Semler family alike. Scientists in South Korea got a little carried away—originally planning a modest ten copies but somehow deciding 49 would be just paw-fect!

Using Dolly the sheep’s vintage cloning tech from the ’90s, these pups are anything but ordinary. They’re genetically identical but not quite the same size as the original Miracle Milly, prompting her owner, Vanesa, to admit, “They’re sweet, but you can’t clone uniqueness, can you?”

Now, prepare for the cutest genetic experiment as researchers try to unravel the secret of Milly’s miniaturized stature. But beware, as they say, ‘barking up the wrong genetic tree might just create 49 more mini-miracles’! Click to uncover the whimsical world of Miracle Milly and her army of adorably tiny clones!


World’s Most Cloned Dog Has 49 Copies of Itself