Are you ready for a fashion face-off with the unseen ickiness lurking in your brand-new wardrobe? Hold onto your hangers, because we’re about to peel back the stylish veil on the downright gross truth behind those fresh-off-the-rack garments. Turns out, your chic new ensemble might have a shady past, having cuddled up with sweat, skin cells, and even a sprinkle of someone else’s perfume!

From ‘eau de strangers’ to potential lurking bacteria, it’s a wild ride through the world of clothing contaminants. Ever thought about giving your new outfit a sniff test before it hits the washer? Yes, seriously! Join us on a laugh-inducing journey as we reveal how to conquer the odorous challenges of newly purchased clothes and transform your laundry game from ‘ew’ to ‘ooh la la’!”


Gross reasons why you should always wash new clothes before wearing them, according to cleaning experts