When you’re thirsty in the desert of ideas, an Emirati inventor comes along with a plan that’s cooler than ice. Meet Abdulla Alshehi, the visionary entrepreneur on a mission to tow a massive iceberg from Antarctica to the Arabian Gulf. Why? To quench the UAE’s thirst for fresh water, of course!

In a region where water sources are as rare as snowstorms in the desert, Alshehi’s scheme involves dragging a 2km x 500m iceberg through the scorching desert, promising not only a colossal water supply but also some much-needed rain. Not to mention potential “iceberg outings” for tourists.

So, as we prepare for the “coolest” trial run of the century, will this iceberg adventure turn into an icy success story or melt away like an ice cream cone in the desert sun? Click to chill with this larger-than-life plan


Emirati Businessman Wants to Tow Icebergs from Antarctica to the Arabian Gulf