In a world filled with mundane supplements, a UK-based company, WeAreFeel, has truly raised the bar by adding some sparkle to your daily routine – quite literally. They’ve concocted a multivitamin pill that promises to turn your toilet into a disco ball with every flush.

Costing a mere £11.95 ($14.50) for 30 glitter-infused capsules, these supplements contain 18 essential vitamins and minerals. But the real star of the show? The edible glitter that passes through your system and emerges in your stool, creating a twinkling spectacle in the toilet bowl. According to WeAreFeel, the glitter doesn’t quite make it past your stomach, so your porcelain throne gets to shine bright like a diamond.

As if that’s not bizarre enough, these glittery pills were offered in a limited edition of just 50 boxes, and they vanished faster than you could say “poop.” Now, all that’s left is a product page without a “Buy” button, leaving us wondering if these shimmering supplements are as dazzling as they sound. While we’re not quite ready to request glittery stool pics, we’re secretly hoping this quirky trend catches on and becomes a permanent fixture in the supplement world. Because who doesn’t want a sparkling potty party, right?


Add Some Sparkle to Your Number Two with Glitter-Infused Vitamin Pills