In a world where most people do everything they can to stay out of prison, meet Justo Márquez, the man who’s begging to get in! This 60-year-old Spaniard has been making quite a scene outside the Alhaurín de la Torre Prison, desperately trying to be let in, not because he’s a criminal mastermind, but because he’s just plain lonely.

Armed with a sign that says, “I want to go to prison,” Justo’s plea for a jail cell might sound absurd, but it’s his heartfelt attempt to escape the crushing solitude of his everyday life. With a rap sheet that includes health problems and a chronic case of the blues, this man is willing to do anything to trade his quiet living room for a noisy cellblock. But don’t worry, he doesn’t plan on breaking any laws to get there!

Sick, Lonely Man Is Begging Authorities to Let Him Into Prison