Picture this: you’re just an average guy battling anxiety and depression in the bayou, seeking a little help from the world of pharmaceuticals. But instead of sunshine and rainbows, your antidepressants decide to give you a tan that even the sun couldn’t deliver! Meet Tyler Monk, the man who went from “Louisiana ghost” to “Bronzed mystique” after a run-in with Prozac.

Tyler’s journey through shades of Prozac began in January 2021 when he decided to tackle his mental struggles head-on. Little did he know that the antidepressant fluoxetine would have him trading in his pasty complexion for a mysterious brown hue. No, this isn’t the result of a beach vacation mishap; it’s the kind of makeover that even Cinderella would raise an eyebrow at!

As Tyler grapples with this skin-deep riddle and TikTok offers up pun-filled solutions, we delve into the wild world of a man whose inner turmoil met an outer tan. Join us in uncovering the enigmatic case of the “Prozac Pigment,” where answers are scarce, but humor is in abundance

Man’s Skin Color Changes From White to Brown and No One Really Knows Why