Jimmy Buffett, the legendary beach-loving troubadour, has left the building, and it seems the sun, fun, and maybe one too many cheeseburgers in paradise played their part.

Buffett, known for “Margaritaville” and a life that embodied the ultimate beach party, succumbed to Merkel Cell Skin Cancer at 76. This rare disease, often linked to sun exposure, battled the man who kept strumming through it all.

In a final act of dedication, he performed his last gig in July, proving that even cancer couldn’t stop him from singing about a life well-lived.

Elton John and other famous friends paid heartfelt tributes to the man who made us all dream of an eternal island getaway.

So, here’s to Jimmy Buffett, who lived life like a song till the end.

Music icon Jimmy Buffett’s cause of death revealed