Prepare for a rollercoaster of chuckles as we dive into the uproarious tale of a diner’s misadventures. The scene? An Oregon restaurant. The star? A $15 ‘Ahole Tax’ splashed on a receipt, sparking Reddit frenzy. But fear not, it’s not what you think! Our hero soon confesses it’s all about a quirky cocktail name – ‘You’re an Ahole, Mr. Burton’ – making it a birthday bash to remember.

And then, enter the legendary ‘fried chicken tit.’ Internet detectives unite, curious about this mouthwatering mystery. Turns out, it’s a tongue-in-cheek moniker for a delectable breaded and fried DD chicken breast at Westgate Bourbon Bar and Tap House. With a dash of sass and a sprinkle of humor, they’ve cooked up a storm both in taste and laughs.

Diner stunned after being hit with ‘$15 a**hole’ charge on restaurant bill