Hold onto your hats—Canada is throwing a curveball of its own. Reports reveal that our friendly neighbors are developing a ‘game plan’ to tackle a potential far-right shift in U.S. politics. It’s like discovering your bookish friend has a secret passion for skydiving.

Foreign Affairs Minister Mélanie Joly is at the helm, stating, ‘We’re brainstorming scenarios, eh?’ While others might opt for serious strategies, Canada seems to be crafting a blend of diplomacy and innovation to “guide the U.S. back on track”

What’s the motive? Maybe it’s the wish to maintain cross-border harmony or to showcase their unique approach to international affairs.

Sure, planning for the unpredictable is par for the course, but Canada openly discussing this ‘game plan’? It’s as unexpected as a beaver in a business suit.

Canada Has ‘Game Plan’ For Potential ‘Far-Right’ Shift In U.S. If Trump Wins 2024