In an unbelievable twist, a Mexican man named Francisco became a real-life superhero when bullets bounced off his skull. Walking in Mexico City, he faced an inexplicable attack, but the bullets seemed to have missed the memo on how skulls work.

Meet Francisco: just a regular guy taking a stroll, until he encountered two close-range shots aimed at his head. But hold the gasps—those bullets, apparently vintage relics with the firepower of a squirt gun, bounced right off his skull like rubber balls.

Miraculously, he only ended up with minor flesh wounds. Francisco then played his part as the hero of the day, alerting nearby security guards who nabbed the puzzled attackers. As for the motive behind this astonishing attack, it’s still shrouded in mystery.

In a world where the laws of physics sometimes need a reminder, Francisco’s story takes the cake. You can call him the ‘Skull of Steel,’ or just another unbelievable tale from the streets.

Bullets Miraculously Ricochet Off of ‘Hard-Headed’ Man’s Head