Life in a high-rise apartment just got a whole lot more interesting for the residents of Sichuan Province. Imagine hitting snooze, only to wake up to the gentle serenade of mooing and a fragrance that can only be described as ‘eau de manure.’ Yes, you read that right – a newly-minted urban farmer decided his 5th-floor balcony was the perfect spot to raise seven bovine companions. As bewildered neighbors called in the authorities, the ‘udderly’ unexpected episode left the city stunned and amused. Videos of the balcony bovines have gone viral on the Chinese TikTok, Douyin, showcasing a quirky collision of country comfort and urban ‘udder’ chaos. While some chuckled at the spectacle, others pondered whether this unusual farmstead in the sky might just be a ‘cattle-call’ for reconnecting with rural roots. As for the determined farmer, his stealthy cow-caper continues, proving that even in a concrete jungle, a little bit of countryside can stir up a whole lot of ‘hoof-larious’ headlines.

Farmer Moves to the Big City, Tries to Raise Cattle on Apartment Balcony