When Gregg Casarona shed his virgin status, he went all in – quite literally! In a comical twist of fate, his romantic escapade turned into a home renovation project when his exuberance and 31-stone frame met a seemingly delicate wall, creating a new meaning for ‘breaking the ice.’

As the sparks flew and the walls tumbled, Gregg’s girlfriend became an unwitting participant in their very own DIY demolition derby. Amidst the chaos, she managed to quip, “Why did you stop?” proving that love can conquer even the most unexpected architectural mishaps.

A trip to the hospital followed, where Gregg’s joke about his girlfriend’s brain seemed to fall flat – thankfully, she emerged unscathed, brain and all.

Fast forward eight years, and their wall-smashing escapade was immortalized on the TLC series “Sex Sent Me to the ER.” So, the next time you’re feeling a bit nervous before a romantic encounter, just remember Gregg and his wall-breaking wooing – a love story that proves there’s no obstacle too big to overcome (literally)!

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