Hold on to your laughter and your beach towels, because the “Penis Fish” have invaded, giving locals in Río Grande, southern Argentina, quite the shock! Thousands of these rude-looking marine creatures, scientifically known as Urechis Unicinctus but humorously nicknamed ‘Penis Fish,’ surfaced after a wild storm, causing some hilarious chaos on the shoreline. Measuring about 10 inches in length, these pink wrigglers had everyone raising eyebrows (and giggles). Despite their naughty name, they are actually spoonworms, or as some call them, ‘The Fat Innkeeper Worm.’ Creating U-shaped burrows in the sand, they offer lodging for other critters, hence the innkeeper title. Oh, and did we mention they’re a delicacy in some countries? Sharks and seagulls fancy a taste of these chewy, sweet worms, which are served with savory sauces. So, next time you hit the beach, watch out for the unexpected guests with a hilarious reputation!

Thousands of crude ‘penis fish’ wash up on beach giving locals the willies