Hold on to your tweets, folks, because Elon Musk is ready to give Twitter a dose of his electrifying genius! In a series of teasing tweets, the billionaire revealed his audacious plan to rebrand Twitter as “X.” That’s right – the Twitter bird logo might soon be replaced by an X!

Elon’s vision of “X, the everything app” promises to combine messaging, social media, payments, and an ad-free experience all under one virtual roof, like a digital carnival of wonders.

With an X-logo teaser video and a mysterious countdown, Musk is turning the Twitterverse into a playground of excitement and speculation. The world’s richest man is determined to take Twitter to new heights – or should we say, to a whole new dimension: X!

Elon Musk hints he is about to replace Twitter’s blue bird logo as he pushes forward with plans for X app