Move over, wealthy heirs and heiresses, because the newest recipients of a luxurious inheritance are… seven Persian cats! Yes, you heard it right. A Florida woman has left her precious feline friends a six-figure estate, ensuring that they live the high life even after she’s gone. Talk about nine lives of luxury! The news has sparked a frenzy of adoption applications, with prospective owners hoping to snag not only a furry companion but also a taste of the good life. These cats are living the dream, with gourmet meals, top-notch grooming, and an endless supply of toys and treats. And while the cats might not be the cuddly type, who needs snuggles when you have a bottomless bank account? So, if you’re in the market for a glamorous cat and a slice of the purr-fect life, keep an eye out for the next batch of privileged Persian kitties.

Florida woman leaves $300K estate to her seven Persian cats as adoption requests pour in