Attention, fellow travelers! Brace yourselves for the ultimate in-flight revelation that will have noisy flyers buzzing with envy. Picture this: You’re settling into your airplane seat, ready to enjoy a peaceful journey to your destination, when suddenly… chaos erupts. Chatty Cathy in row 17, screaming toddler in row 18, and a snoring symphony from row 19. Fear not, weary travelers, for we bring you the story of a hero who has cracked the code to silence the cacophony. In a stroke of absolute genius or sheer madness, one brave soul has unleashed their killer trick to tame the noisy skies. The New York Post calls it genius, others call it madness, but we’re here to uncover the secrets behind this sky-high sensation. Get ready to soar through laughter as we dive into the world of airborne antics and discover just how far people will go to claim a moment of peace amidst the turbulence. Fasten your seatbelts, folks, because this article is about to take your funny bone on a wild, hilarious ride!

I have a ‘killer’ trick to quiet noisy flyers — people say it’s ‘genius’