Journey with us to Southern Iraq, where a magnificent architectural tradition known as the ‘mudhif’ once thrived. This unique construction method, employed by the Ma’dan or ‘Arabs of the marsh,’ created floating reed houses in an enchanting wetland known as Iraq’s ‘Garden of Eden.’

However, the marshes and their remarkable structures faced devastation during the late 20th century, as political turmoil and environmental destruction took their toll. Now, a glimmer of hope emerges, as local communities, aided by organizations like Nature Iraq, strive to restore the ancient wetlands and resurrect the Ma’dan community.

Join us as we explore the incredible resilience of the Marsh Arabs, the efforts to rebuild their traditional mudhifs, and the vision of creating a sustainable future rooted in the wisdom of the past. Discover how these restoration initiatives offer not just architectural revival but also hope for the preservation of a rich cultural heritage.

The Floating Basket Homes of Iraq: A Paradise almost Lost to Saddam