Konnichiwa, dear readers! Have you ever wondered what happens when a nation gets so used to wearing face masks that they forget how to smile? Well, hold on to your sushi rolls because we have an extraordinary story straight from the land of the rising sun! In Japan, where face masks became the hottest fashion accessory during the pandemic, a new trend is taking hold: smiling lessons! Yes, you heard it right – after months of hiding their grins behind masks, the people of Japan are now flocking to classes to relearn the art of flashing those pearly whites. Get ready for a journey that will make your face muscles ache with laughter as we explore the hilarious, heartwarming, and downright quirky quest to reclaim the lost smiles of a nation. So, let’s put on our best smiles and dive into this delightful adventure together! Say “cheese-senpai”!

People in Japan who got used to face masks during COVID are attending smiling lessons