OK, for you guys in the dating world, here is an update on the lingo. If you don’t know these, then your dating may fail.

Coronesty – Honesty about not dating someone you don’t connect with. Brought to a head during the corona virus lockdowns.

Fast-Forwarding – Trying to go too fast on a date, “Unfortunately, it’s a trend done by those who are less self-aware and who exhibit more toxic behaviors within relationships.” says dating expert Megan Weks.

Groundhogging – Named after the movie Groundhog Day where the guy experienced the same day over and over. In dating this is where you date the same type of person over and over (and expect something to happen differently…).

Hey-ter – Using “Hey” to introduce yourself on a dating app. The article has some tips on better things to say.

Orbiting – When someone ghosts you but they still monitor your social media.

Oystering – “The world is your oyster” is people who believe they are here to experience life. Good luck getting to a relationship with these people. Takers not givers.

Zombies – People who ghosted you weeks ago and then come back to communicate again, even though there is not a chance of rekindling any communications.

There are several more of these it is highly entertaining and should be useful to you.

New Dating Terms You Need to Know