You may recall that we wrote about it when Vince McMahon was forced to retire from the WWE. He was a bad boy, he had some affairs and paid off a woman who was set to embarrass him. Usual rich guy stuff. He didn’t rape anyone, or force anyone to do anything they didn’t want to do.

So they fired the guy who single-handedly built professional wrestling into a multi-billion dollar empire.

I criticized it then, I thought the WWE Board of Directors was being too easily influenced. Apparently I was right. Now they need Vince back because he is soooo experienced in certain kinds of negotiations.

And of course, WWE stock prices have jumped by 14%.

And to be real with you, I’m starting to think this was just a WWE story line.

Vince McMahon is back at WWE, shareholders hope to benefit – Wrestling giant’s stock is up big on Friday after the company announced founder’s return

As a bonus, here is a previous video on Vince with a video you might enjoy.