Yes, 9 year olds can be cute. But Jenna Bush Hager’s (daughter of George Bush) 9 yo told some rather embarrassing things about her mom – on a the Today Show which reaches millions of people.

“Yeah, one time she was laughing in our living room and she peed her pants!” Mila said before reminding her mom, “You changed your pajamas!”

And of course, her mom “never wears underwear! She is not wearing it right now! I saw her change!”

Yep, gotta get her off stage as quickly as possible.

Don’t you hate it when your children embarrass you? And the little snots know so much about you (so better up that allowance…).

Jenna Bush Hager’s Daughter Reveals A Little Too Much Information About Her Mom – “OK, goodbye!” her mom exclaimed after the 9-year-old dropped a major “truth bomb” on the “Today” show.