Caroline Ellison was Sam Bankman-Fried’s girlfriend and the CEO of associated company Alameda Research, which was the beneficiary of Billions in investment (apparently fraudulently) from now-defunct FTX.

But she kicked him to the curb and turned his ass in. She has pleaded guilty to multiple felonies.

“Caroline Ellison, a longtime confidante of befallen crypto entrepreneur Sam Bankman-Fried, claims she and the former billionaire FTX founder agreed to deceive the exchange’s investors, lenders and customers, according to court documents released Friday—a damning accusation as Bankman-Fried faces a slew of criminal charges tied to allegations he stole billions of dollars from FTX customers.”

But she really didn’t get much of deal, she will likely go to jail for a long time.

Caroline Ellison Admits She And Bankman-Fried Conspired To Steal From FTX Customers And Mislead Investors, Reports Say