Researchers (all women) have found that the distribution of household chores in the more traditional roles correlates to higher frequency of sex.

This is so strange, I am physically laughing as I write this.

“Married men and women who divide household chores in traditional ways report having more sex than couples who share so-called men’s and women’s work, according to a new study co-authored by sociologists at the University of Washington.”

“The results show that gender still organizes quite a bit of everyday life in marriage,” said co-author Julie Brines, a UW associate professor of sociology. “In particular, it seems that the gender identities husbands and wives express through the chores they do also help structure sexual behavior.”

I guess the last problem is how do we tell our significant others without them beating the crap out of us…

Sexual Frequency Between Married Couples Linked to Household Chores