It is weird how some people’s minds work.

It is even weirder to find more than one person who understands Commodore 64 and actually plays the accordion. Unfortunately, I’m the other one.(but I play piano accordion and push-pull, not the chromatic).

An excerpt:

“As a musician, I have to take ergonomics seriously. When you learn to play a piece of music, you practice the same motions over and over for hours. If those motions cause strain you can easily ruin your body. So, unfortunately, I have to restrict myself to playing the Commodordion only occasionally, and only play very simple parts with the left hand.”

“On the other hand, the right-hand side feels absolutely fine, and that’s very encouraging: I’ll use that as a starting point as I continue to explore the design space of instruments made from old computers. In that light, the Commodordion wasn’t the final goal after all, but an important piece of scaffolding for my next creative endeavor.”

The nerd-ship is complete.

Two C64s Plus a Pile of Floppy Disks Equals One Accordion – The Commodordion is played just like a traditional instrument