If I ever want to give myself nightmares I only have to thing about the U.S. military’s “tunnel rats” from the Vietnam war.

Think about going into a tunnel that is barely as wide as your shoulders, at a sharp downward angle, where you have no idea what is coming next. You could dive into a dead end, you could fall into a flooded tunnel – without the ability to turn around or call for help. Not to mention the possibility of a cave in.

Or you could run into hostile soldiers waiting within to slice your face with a knife, shoot you, or burn you, and you might not even be able to move.

The documentary below show the details of how our soldiers handled these tunnels, the techniques, the weapons and such

It does not adequately show the danger these men faced.

And the video does not convey the nightmarish possibilities that haunt me when I think about it.

DIRTY SECRETS of VIETNAM: The Tunnel Rats – YouTube