I think many are shocked by this.

On Friday Senator Kristen Sinena of Arizona changed from Democrat to Independent. On paper, then, the next Senate’s makeup will be 49 Republicans, 48 Democrats and three independents.

“I’ve never fit neatly into any party box. I’ve never really tried. I don’t want to,” she continued. “Removing myself from the partisan structure… not only is it true to who I am and how I operate, I also think it’ll provide a place of belonging for many folks across the state and the country, who also are tired of the partisanship.”

Democrats will still be in control, but this gives a lot of power to Manchin and Sinema in shaping legislation. But given that the Democrats have already screwed over Manchin, not keeping a promise they made, it will be tough for the Demcrats to work with him.

And give that the House is now Republican held, I’m doubting anything will get passed. (Thank goodness!).

Why Kyrsten Sinema Left The Democratic Party