Good for them! The company Chief launched an exclusive networking platform for executive women in 2019. They have just opened a clubhouse in San Francisco, exclusively for women. From the pictures, its no Manhattan type Penn Club or Harvard Club, but its not bad.

“The recently-opened clubhouse is located adjacent to the Transamerica Pyramid in San Francisco’s financial district. Silicon Valley had the highest demand from members, said founders Lindsay Kaplan and Carolyn Childers. The region is home to 2,000 local members working for Apple, Meta, Google, Microsoft, Salesforce, Zoom and Stanford among others.

The 8,600 square-foot space features a full-service bar with specialty coffee, open lounge space, meeting rooms, private call booths and a Mothers Room. All the artwork in Chief’s clubhouses comes from the women-led company Uprise Art, founded by member Tze Chun.”

But this raises some questions.

Do they no longer have objections to the all male clubs that have been bashed and attacked since the 1960’s?

Should there now be Black clubs, Hispanic clubs, little people clubs, Aleutian Eskimo clubs for the same purpose?

And also, are they going to allow people who “identify” as women, but who are actually biological males?

Hmmm… I’m willing to bet it would be worthwhile, should I try it?

Women tech execs rejoice as femal-only leadership club opens in San Francisco


Executive networking platform Chief just opened a women’s-only clubhouse for C-suite members in San Francisco. Some of them told me its opening represents more than just a new building for Silicon Valley’s history. Full piece on #chief #sanfrancisco #womenintech #csuite #membersonly #clubhouse #SiliconValley #google #apple #salesforce #meta #executivewomen

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