A new study suggests that such deep breathing is essential for cognition and maintaining good brain health as we age.

Researchers led by Professor Micah Allen from the Department of Clinical Medicine at Aarhus University have come to a step closer to understanding how the very act of breathing shapes our brain.

“What we found is that, across many different types of tasks and animals, brain rhythms are closely tied to the rhythm of our breath. We are more sensitive to the outside world when we are breathing in, whereas the brain tunes out more when we breathe out. This also aligns with how some extreme sports use breathing, for example, professional marksmen are trained to pull the trigger at the end of exhalation,” explains Professor Micah Allen.

I’m still doing my MMA workouts, Lots of deep breathing there. I’ve decided to live to be 400 years old, and I will continue to have a healthy brain.

Healthy Brains Love Deep Breaths