Elon Musk has asked Twitter workers to work “long hours at high intensity.” This was not just a request, he told his employees this was the new way or they could pack up and leave.

They have to sign a pledge to that effect.

He has fired about half of Twitter’s 7500 employees, and has made it a point to fire people who have criticized him.

But perhaps this is a good strategy. If you want a happy company, fire all of the unhappy employees.

But many people are not happy, and outsiders are claiming bias.

“He’ll drive out parents, caregivers, people who have responsibilities outside of the workplace,” said Kate Bischoff, a Minnesota employment lawyer. “It’ll have a dramatic effect on the diversity of Twitter’s workforce very, very quickly because he’s expecting people not to have lives.”

The liberals are lining up, but Elon is in charge. I firmly believe he will

Elon Musk Takes a Hard Line on Quiet Quitters—and Anyone He Thinks Is Close – Twitter boss’s ultimatum to work long hours or leave could jolt culture but comes with risks, consultants say