Life in Russian prison is not like Club Fed in the U.S.

Accordin go the article this is what she can expect.

– 16 hours work days

– prisoners sew uniforms for the Russian army and police & getting injured bc of the outdated equipment

– beatings x torture are common

– medical care practically not exist

These are simple points with horrifying ramifications. Slave labor, no rights, privileges or necessities except what the prison administrators say.

This is not a fun place. Brittney’s mistake in breaking Russian law was devastating in so many ways. Our young people in America seem to think the justice systems around the world are like in the U.S. They are not. In fact, in MOST countries around the world, you have few rights and there is very little tolerance for breaking even the smallest of laws. And in MOST countries, corruption is huge.

Terrifying Details Emerge From Brittney Griner’s New Prison