Right, this is going to turn out just fine.

“The most promising way to offset climate change’s effects could be injecting sulfur dioxide (SO2) aerosols directly into Earth’s stratosphere.”

So let’s inject poisonous sulfur dioxide into the Earth’s atmosphere, enough to change its reflectivity. Holy crap are these people both arrogant and ignorant.

One of two things will occur. Either just a big mess to clean up with no affect on climate change, or the unintended consequences of such an uncontrollable will be out of control, will kill millions of people and substantially damage the planet.

I don’t trust ANYTHING that Joe Biden does anyway, so I only see tragedy in this.

And stupidity.

Biden Gives the Go-Ahead on Researching Ways to Reflect the Sun’s Rays – A five-year study will find out if solar geoengineering can be a powerful ally in the fight against climate change.