How do you make computer hacking approachable and fun??? Get this open source device which messes with wi-fi networks and contains the various wi-fi attacks that real hackers use!

“Essentially, it can cause trouble with Wi-Fi networks — sending out specific commands that play with the way networks and client devices authenticate each other. In that way, the Nugget shares a lot in common with the DSTIKE watch and can even run a modified version of the same Deauther tool by Spacehuhn — but that’s not the only attack you can try. There’s also the probe attack, which plays with the initial call-and-response commands, or the beacon attack that lets you spoof an access point. Once you’ve mastered those, the folks at HakCat have built on Spacehuhn’s original project to create a tool for detecting Wi-Fi Attacks. “

It is illegal? Yes, of course, if you do it to someone else’s network.

But the article makes it sound cool and fun. It costs less than $100. And can come with a great key chain!

The HakCat WiFi Nugget is a beginner’s guide to wireless mischief