Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey (founder of Twitter) have had a friendship for a while. Back in 2020 Jack called Elon during an employee conference to talk about how to improve Twitter.

Dorsey left Twitter, resigned as CEO last November and resigned from the board last May. Clearly he was not happy with how his company was developing. I wouldn’t be surprised if Elon and Jack had spoken about Elon’s acquisition before it became public.

In my (warped) mind, this was a plot to get past the liberal censorship problems that have marred Twitter in recent years, the woke crazies just taking over. Clearly censorship does not match Dorsey’s idea of “public good.”

Note that Jack Dorsey’s stake in Twitter, over a billion dollars worth, is still there, he hasn’t cashed out.

I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if Elon called Jack back to the board. Clearly there is some admiration between the two. I bet they have barbecues and everything.

Twitter founder Jack Dorsey to remain invested in the company under Elon Musk