Has anyone else noticed that Amazon delivery is slipping?

In the past month, they have been eerily incompetent.

In preparation for an important event, I ordered an audio adapter, a small part. Instead, I got black horsehair wig. Hmmm…

My gaffers tape never arrived. I order a teleprompter, paid special to get it delivered overnight. I got it two days late, well after the time I needed it. Had to buy one from B&H.

But the latest is the worst.

I ordered some microphone adapters, paid extra for overnight delivery. The next morning at about 7am, I get a text. They can’t get into the building. Then they call me, they can’t get into the building.

Dude, the reason the building is locked down at 7 am is because ALL OF THE PEOPLE WHO WORK THERE ARE SLEEPING! I don’t remember exactly what I said but I think I said they would have to wait until business hours.

Keep in mind, my delivery profile on Amazon says delivery hours are 9:30 to 5:00. I’ve had dozens of items delivered there so one would think this would be in their database somewhere.

Did they deliver that day? No, they did not. Couldn’t be delivered, so back into the queue. Better luck next time.

Instead, they texted me at about 6:30am the next day (waking me up AGAIN). We can’t get into the building. I texted back “wait until 8am” (I think that is when the elevators come back to life, but Im not there at 8am…).

I got on the Amazon chat and complained. Still not sure if that was a human. They were appalled and said they were escalating it to upper management.

At the moment, the account says that the order was placed today (it was actually placed two days ago), and it would arrive Monday.

Guess, I’ll head over to Guitar Center…