Scientists have been exploring ways to survive and thrive on the moon. We have already found at least a bit of water and CO2 so that makes it very exciting. The article says “considerable” amounts, but that is all relevant.

Some Chinese scientists have been noodling about how to actually make rocket fuel from this stuff. Yep, it can be done.

The problem I see is that relative to Earth quantities, the mount of water is very small. A colony can likely recycle water and live a long time, but if you start shooting it off in rocket fuel you might find yourself without enough.

In my own opinion, space faring man that I am (at least through sci-fi consumption), it might be better to establish a system for crashing water asteroid onto the moon – or any other kind.

I’m thinking most colonies would want to be facing Earth, so crashing stuff on the back of the planet would be safe enough.

Let’s get cracking you crafty scientists.

Scientists investigate using lunar soils to sustainably supply oxygen and fuels on the moon

But we do have to beat those damned Chinese to the punch!