Every day 48,000 inmates (G. Gordon Liddy would say “convicts) are locked into solitary confinement.

The consensus is that it is “dehumanizing” and causes mental problems.

“One prisoner, an avid reader we will call Scholar, spoke to us nine months into his stay in solitary confinement. “All human privileges are gone; they treat you like a dog. They bring you food, they throw it to you, you shower in a cage, you exercise in a cage. Just because I’m wearing orange [the color of the jumpsuit for incarcerated people confined in solitary] doesn’t mean I’m not human.””

But apparently, some prisoners choose solitary. Some deliberately committed infractions to be sent there. Weird.

Interesting read, go for it.

We talked to 100 people about their experiences in solitary confinement – this is what we learned: