We wrote before about Hans Niemann, a highly ranked chess player who defeated World Champion Magnus Carlson. Magnus Carlson refuse to play him, because Magnus said he cheated.

Now people are speculating that Hans used a marital aid, or anal beads or something else that buzzed in his you-know-where to signal moves to be played. That would be wierd. Which makes it perfect for the ugly minute.

Shall we speculate ourselves? What other methods have been used to cheat? I bet certain Las Vegas security specialists would know some ways. Maybe in his shoe? Maybe he could wear a wig? Anything in his jock?

You wouldn’t ACTUALLY have to stick anything up there. It would be exceedingly uncomfortable to sit on. And besides there would have to be an antenna stick out…

Chess Player Insists He Didn’t Use Sex Toy To Defeat World Champion – “If they want me to strip fully naked, I will do it,” chess grandmaster Hans Niemann said about the outcry over his controversial win.