Life expectancy has increased at an average rate of 3 years per decade. Children born in 2007 can expect to live to be 104 years old.

Many experts talk about “health span” as well as life span, meaning how long you are able to live life as a healthy fully functioning adult.

Famous Sci Fi author Isaac Asimov postulated that living longer might slow down progress, since researchers with more time might want to keep research to themselves and take credit for much larger bodies of knowledge, rather than collaborate.

The article suggests that life will extend out, that people will get married later, have children later, buy a house later.

Personally, I’m going to live to at least 400 years (I got s$%t to do!).

In one of our sister sites Long Life and Health, we did an experiment with various life extension techniques, evaluating and testing to our best abilities.

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