I have to say, I am a fan of Ana De Armas, who is among the most beautiful and talented of her generation (yes, I would marry her and be her slave…).

I watched her new movie “Blonde” where she does a brilliant characterization of Marilyn Monroe, losing all of the Cuban accent and conveying a believable character. Some are saying she deserves and Oscar. I think maybe they are correct.

But the movie itself is complete crap. It is dark, morbid, confusing and often boring. The “artistic” imagery is disjointed and often looks like third rate Halloween craft. It is poorly edited, some scenes just drag on.

The writers made up a bunch of crap that was salacious but never actually happened, and it seems they wanted Marilyn to be some poor mentally deficient victim abused by evil white males – yes, you get the whole “woke” vibe from this.

I have live a great life in my own opinion, but if you strung all of my bad moments together, put them in a movie and added some fictional touches, I’m sure you could make me seem as demented and unhappy as Marilyn Monroe is portrayed here. This is not a portrayal of Marilyn, it’s a hatchet job that abuses her story for shallow and dishonest purposes.

In short, this is a work of propaganda. The message was meant to further the “woke” agenda, and it was meant to trash a popular and inspirational icon from the past. Cheap shots at the expense of Marilyn Monroe.

You watch, Ana will get nothing, but the movie will get an award – because that is how Hollywood works now.