Oh my God!!! The carnage, the blood! No wait, it is just chess. The are really just mildly snipping.

Apparently Hans Niemann is accused of cheating. He admitted at one point that he cheated online on Chess.com at one point to make money, and he is banned from there, but he has claimed that he never cheated in a live match. The way to cheat is to be backed up by a really good chess program. Not really sure how you would cheat in a live match (although Las Vegas casinos have seen ingenious techniques in that realm…). But he is the current number one contender for the last 10 years.

Magnus Carlsen the world champion and perhaps the greatest who ever lived, was scheduled for a match. He played the first move and then resigned. Niemann has actually beaten Carlsen in the past.

The ‘cheating’ scandal tearing the chess community apart, explained – Magnus Carlsen resigned after just one move in a match against Hans Niemann.

So the Chess world is divided. I hope they don’t hurt each other. Maybe they should call the police!