Trump warned them. Europe continued to discard its nuclear plants and play more into the hands of Russia.

Europe is toast. No gas means industries will shut down, transportation costs will soar, distribution networks will fail,

If you thought the covid period was bad, with no toilet paper on the shelf, think about what happens when food starts to disappear from the shelves. Think about when unemployment skyrockets as the largest industrial corporations shut down along with all of the satellite companies that support them.

There will be riots. The decline in standard of living will be breathtaking. And the lack of security could turn parts of Europe into third world status.

Europe either must capitulate and cancel their sanctions against Russia and live with the Russian boot on their neck, or they will suffer like they have not suffered in two centuries.

Again – Trump warned them – back when they had time to do something about it.

Russia Cuts Off All European Gas – It Will be Devastating